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Cannabis dosage shown to reduce seizures in children with severe epilepsy 1 July 11, 2019
New anticancer agents have potential to better control tumor growth in nearly every cancer type 1 July 10, 2019
Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer May Raise Risk of Alzheimer’s, Dementia 1 July 10, 2019
Human pregnancy dependent on cells evolved in platypus-like animal 300m years ago 1 July 10, 2019
Research demonstrates how certain brainwaves aid navigation 1 July 10, 2019
Fluorescence imaging has potential to transform surgical management of cancer 1 July 10, 2019
New Antibiotics Developed from Bacterial Toxin 1 July 10, 2019
Researchers use tiny microrobots to 'scoop up,' transport and deliver cell material 1 July 10, 2019
The declining impact of U.S. federal funding on cancer innovation 1 July 10, 2019
Problematic smartphone use linked to poorer grades, alcohol misuse and more sexual partners 1 July 10, 2019
Bacteria Associated with Hospital Infections are Found in Raw Meat 1 July 10, 2019
Sedentary Time Increases After Retirement – Especially in Women 1 July 10, 2019
Novel Algorithms Identify Patients at Risk for HIV Who May Benefit From Prevention Strategies 2 July 9, 2019
First hi-res images of active CRISPR enzyme will help improve genome editing 2 July 9, 2019
Endurance and Resistance Exercise Can Reduce Excess Fat Around the Heart 1 July 9, 2019
New imaging method aids in water decontamination 1 July 9, 2019
Underfed worm moms make sure their offspring are better able to bounce back from starvation 1 July 9, 2019
Following Gene Therapy in Mice, Retina Restructures Itself After Cell Death 1 July 9, 2019
Study Confirms Disparities in U.S. Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Diagnoses 1 July 9, 2019
Becoming new parents increases produce purchases in the U.S 1 July 9, 2019
Researchers map structure of a protein to advance treatments for stroke, diabetes and dementia 1 July 9, 2019
Structure of Brain Networks is Not Fixed, Study Finds 1 July 9, 2019
Indications why older people are more susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease 1 July 9, 2019
Uranium toxicity may be causing high rates of obesity and diabetes in Kuwait 1 July 9, 2019
Wasted Eggshells Can Help Grow and Heal Bones 1 July 9, 2019
Looking at how the brain reacts to boredom could help people cope 1 July 9, 2019
New method of measuring the speed of sound in liquids could lead to safer drinking water 1 July 9, 2019
Study demonstrates how plants, trees and reflective materials can reduce extreme heat in neighborhoods 1 July 9, 2019
Scientists Invent Fast Method for ‘Directed Evolution’ of Molecules 1 July 9, 2019
Risk of Cancer Among Children and Young Adults With Congenital Heart Disease 1 July 9, 2019